All is Well in the End

You left me stranded on the edge of the world

And all I could do was jump

Landing head first on an earth

That was much more cushioned than I had expected

And suddenly everything was alright




And when I think of you
I think of morning doves
Singing ballads in the a.m.
Soaring high above the treetops
On the street where you live

I think of you and I see cloudy skies
Dulled and gray and dismal
Warning me that there is rain to come

I think of you and I hear the bomb tick
Slowly and then faster
As I await the explosion of time
But the sun always made the burns worth it
It’s warm rays somewhat comforting

And when I think of you
I think of sunscreen

Withered, Battered, and Abandoned

Withered men used to dig the trenches,

their tired hands rough and worn down from labour’s past,

the soot under their fingernails forming something called modern art,

their faces besmirched with dirt leftover from the mines.


Battered women reached out in vain,

calling out for their loved ones to cease the hurt,

the destruction,

the pain,

mending their broken fingers

and patching up their wounds

as they licked themselves clean,

washing away the blood with their own salty tears.


Infants used to be born to absent mothers,

their hearts and minds unavailable,

their bodies farther gone,

hidden in cheap hotel rooms and dusty, studio apartments

dressed up in old furniture taken from the curb,

their edges cracking and splitting.


Time used to age gracefully,

but finesse has since become foreign territory,

its traces forever erased now that the clocks have stopped,

their hands ticking no more.

Solace can no longer be found.

Why I Write

I write not for pleasure

But to bare my soul

Because it is too often

That I cannot stand

To keep it inside anymore

The Kiss

One kiss. That’s all it took for me to realize that I want to spend forever with you. I want to wake up every morning to see your face resting next to mine, so peaceful yet so in love. I want to be the reason you wake up smiling, greeting the day with bright and happy eyes. One kiss. That’s all it took.


A floating mess amidst the sea

Is where I left my own body

To live amongst the fish and breeze

Sinking slowly, silently

Thoughts on Venice

I was truly somewhat misty-eyed as I departed from Venice. Although it was the smallest, Venezia was by the most exquisite place I have visited in Italy thus far. The gorgeous island was filled with bright flowers, colorful houses, and breathtaking landscapes. The water literally sparkled and the food was absolutely phenomenal. Not to mention it was a much more affordable area in terms of shopping, which is always important of course. I only regret having spent the least amount of time there.

So until next time,

Ciao Venezia