Talk To Me

The Trevor Project has established “Talk To Me” in honor of National Suicide Prevention Month. The risk of suicide is much greater for those in the LGBTQ community, especially those between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four. Talk To Me is all about communication. I have taken the pledge and will be participating in the program. Feel free to email me any of your questions or concerns. If you are feeling suicidal, or if you just need someone to listen and care about you and your problems, I will be here. Please, do not hesitate. If you would like to participate in Talk To Me as someone willing to help, go to  and take the pledge. Also, add the Talk To Me twibbon to your website, twitter, or Facebook account. Hopefully, we can all make a difference.

“Talk to Me is about empowering our supporters to help us save young lives. You can play an important role in this movement to end youth suicide in the LGBTQ community. The Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act is the only dedicated stream of federal funding for suicide prevention, and it must be reauthorized to ensure that vital services across the country continue to be funded. Please, ask your senators and representatives to cosponsor the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act (H.R. 2734/S.116) today!”


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Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

4 thoughts on “Talk To Me”

    1. Don’t thank me. I feel it is my civic duty to be there for those that need someone to talk to. Everyone wants to feel like they are cared about and that they are not alone.

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