A Brief Note to My Former Lover

I miss everything about you and I hate myself for that. I hate myself more than I can allow myself to hate you. You were everything to me, and I don’t know whether to feel foolish or angry for allowing myself to be treated that way. But I can’t help but want you back.

Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

51 thoughts on “A Brief Note to My Former Lover”

  1. The sucky part of finding and having that relationship that we all dream about and are searching for – that soul-mate, that partner for life, is the process of opening up and making yourself vulnerable to another person. Sometimes THEY are not up to the challenge. And sometimes, it’s me.

    1. Its hardest to gauge if it is worth opening up. I hope everyone can make the most loving decision for themselves and others.

  2. Me and Johnny accidentally and unfortunately “punch each other” all the time. Then we’re like shit. Then we try not to do it again, but we do. I think the closer you are to someone the easier it is to hurt someone. I hope things get better. ❤

    1. Its true. Whats unexpected at least for me is that the hurt they hold in themselves also hurts you. Love is not fickle its actually a perfectionist, it wants a dream. That makes it worth achieving, going through all the good and bad, the hard and the soft. Love is sokething that brings out our silly and personal wounds and diamonds alike. Its why we are afraid and amazed by it equally.

  3. I hate the fact I read this.
    As raw, innocent and fragile as it is….because it’s now reduced me to that state again.
    Thank you though.

  4. I’m still there myself. But,he kicked me when I was down, burnt his bridges and put up walls so if he ever does come back I will probable just return the favour. Better to just move onto a new chance. It might pan out, it might not. But it’s better then being chained by feelings for someone who couldn’t love you right.

  5. At the moment, I so relate to this. My problem us I have now observed all the things I used to choose to ignore, and I no longer want him back.

  6. This reminds me of my break-up, and we realized it took both of us to get to that point, and we both have regrets, yet I would be willing to start over, but he’s not.

  7. Ah boy. I felt I was missing out on some fairy-tale future if we got back together because now we know. now we’ve seen the pain and been through the hurt. I’ve always known how to get her back but I never learned how to stop wanting it. Until now.

  8. There was this girl. I though she was the “one”. I married someone else. She’s the one but she still manages to creep into my thoughts and, sometimes, my dreams. Much hurt there – because there used to be much love there but it’s past.

  9. There’s always rough times in life. Nothing is perfect. Once something is gone, you focus on the good parts, even though the bad were what ended things anyways. One day, you’ll find someone that doesn’t have bad parts, and you’ll have nothing to pick at but the good ones.

  10. Thanks for sharing this and liking my last poem. I think I’ll finally have time this month to put in more work and share more with everyone going through something similar as to the content on this post 🙂

  11. My heart aches for you during this rite of passage, as memories of all the times I have felt this way bubble up to the surface. Two things to hold onto — 1) You are capable of, and deserving of, great LOVE. 2) EVERYTHING is impermanent. Even these intense feelings. Hold tenderly to that which is impermanent, and relish every moment of feeling ecstatically, excruciatingly alive.

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