The Myth of Never Changing

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There is a phrase that is so common and so often said, that it is sometimes hard to understand the actual meaning. You may have read it in your high school yearbook or have heard it said from parting friends, but the phrase remains the same, “Never change.” I have always wondered why people say this, why they ask you to never change when such a task is highly impossible. Change is and will always be inevitable. It is a part of our human nature. If we didn’t change, there would be something wrong with us. See, every moment of our lives is new; it is something that we have never experienced before. While some situations may be shockingly similar, no two moments can ever actually be the same. We are constantly evolving, physically and mentally. Our opinion on something one week can be very different the next week. We fall in and out of love. We change careers and majors. We focus all our time and effort on certain things only to give it all up for one person. The wonderful thing about humans is that we are so highly unpredictable. We change all the time. That is what makes us who we are. We are versatile, developing creatures. It is only at death that we ever stop. Even then we change to a point; we decompose and decay. We change.

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So when someone tells you to never change, I can only assume that in that particular moment, they are so fond of who you are that they will always remember you as they last saw you. Their image of you will never change.