‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Trailer Reveals A Lot Is Changing

Stranger Things is set to return to Netflix this summer for its third season, and the new trailer almost makes 1980’s Hawkins, Indiana look normal. Almost.

While there are still monsters to be destroyed and armed men to be fought, there is a certain return to normalcy. Although, if the previous two seasons are any indication, that will not last very long.

With an ever-intensifying 80’s nostalgia, the trailer reveals that the kids are not, well, kids anymore, as Will specifically points out, adding that they can’t just sit around in the basement anymore playing board games.

So, they do what any small town teenagers would do, they go to the mall, which the trailer seems to indicate as a major playing field for new monsters from the Upside Down.

Clearly, a lot is changing, another thing the trailer specifically highlights.

Steve gets a job. Eleven grows out her hair and befriends Sadie. Joyce doesn’t say a word throughout the entire trailer, which might be the most shocking discovery. But in the midst of all these changes, one thing seems to remain constant. Steve, who can hardly catch a break, gets beat up once again.


Has Social Media Changed How You View The Olympics?

Not at all. This week’s weekly writing challenge poll is a little strange, I have to admit. I honestly do not know many people who watch the Olympics, let alone care enough to blog about it. I mean it’s a good pass time, but it’s a sporting event, nonetheless, and I am more of an artistic person. There hasn’t been much talk of the Olympics on Facebook. The only thing I could find out was that the majority of people tend to favorite gymnasts, but there’s really no surprise there. Maybe 2012 is just not the year for social media and the Olympics to mesh.